Cloud Backup Solutions Services

In Cloud is the future ... and present

There are only advantadges to migrate our data on Cloud and the question is no longer why we have to migrate our Systems to the Cloud. It is when?

It is when?

The Systems migration to the Cloud assure us:

  • High availability of data.
  • Inmediate scalability. Increase resource in case the Systems requires it.
  • Simplyfies the management of IT resources.
  • Better security systems.
  • Cost reduction. With the payment for use large invesments and maintance are no longer necessary. In adittion the invesments of oversized sytems is avoided, which are the ones that cause the highest cost.

Cloud backup

"In Cloud, we trust"

Today there are many risks such us theft, fire, natural disasters, hacking or even our own users that can cause real havoc with our information The Cloud backup service consist in daily, weekly or monthly copy of your data in the Cloud. These copies are made securely and encrypted on remote servers in order to avoid any type of inclusion.